Kitchen Adventures

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of cooking.

As someone who “minimized” most of my kitchen gadgets because I didn’t quite know what they all did, it’s been interesting. I’ve been “making due” with some things but it’s been a wild ride and I’m excited for it to continue.

First of all, you may not want to hear this because everyone and their mother has been telling you how much they love theirs but…… it’s the Instapot. It’ll make anything. It’s been fun to be able to make Groats, Orange Chicken and Chicken Tortilla Soup (pictured). It hasn’t done much for adding to cooking skills but it’s helped me feed myself very well. Pictures are over here.

Secondly, I just made a TikTok about this one (@tasteeface) are “surgical huck towels.” They’re lint free and have been awesome for wiping up a spill (i’m a kitchen tornado) or a drying something (I never seem to have enough measuring cups or spoons, but when they’re all put away the drawer just wants to explode).

Lastly, I would say a good knife (I only have the one and I use it for everything, a 7 inch Santoku) and nice pans. I remember getting my first apartment and being gifted the “first apartment kitchen sets.” I’m grateful to have had them gifted because to buy a whole kitchen worth of stuff, even the sets, is not cheap. However, things don’t last an eternity. Non-stick coatings get sketchy after so many uses and you need to toss the older stuff and hopefully you can afford to secure some even longer lasting items.

I hate listicles so this is as good as it gets but remember to invest in yourself, in your life. It’s the only one we get as far as we know.

I don’t blog as much as I would like to. I think, sometimes, I’m not sure what to say. Somehow I’ve appropriated this medium into being something that has to be “deep” and “introspective.” Ha. So, I’m going to start documenting more about what’s been going on. Saying something rather than waiting for something to say.


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