“If I can’t change the people around me, I change the people around me.” – Chuck D.

It’s funny that this theme keeps reoccurring in my life and, therefore, in my blog over and over again.


Not the one we live in but the one we live in (I promise not to do this the whole post).

I made a hare-brained mistake at my job. My intentions were good but my execution was poor. I was suspended as a result. I can understand how it looked but that’s just not who I am.

Long story short, I was transferred. Moved to a completely different building/team/unit/whatever.

A different environment.


That’s all I have to say really. Just “wow”. I feel like Owen Wilson because I’ve said it so many times in my own head.

I was starting to believe that I was just turning into a grumpy fucker. I thought that maybe I just needed time away but vacation never fixed the problem. Not to externalize all of the blame, but a major component of the problem was environment. I needed more time away. All of it.

Now, I’m working for the same company. Just down the street, even. Barely miles. The difference, though, it’s like the sun and the moon.

We’re not immune to influence. Each of us is influenced by our environments every day.

So be mindful about the company you keep. It’s not just your family. It’s not just your friends.

It’s your peers.

It’s your social media influencers.

It’s your leaders.

It’s your environment.

It’s the people you have around you.

You can’t change them but you can change them.


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