About Life Resumed

Life Resumed is an undertaking that is geared towards picking your life up after a long detachment from … your life. For me, it’s been addictions that consumed multiple aspects of my life and pushed me into essentially ignoring the critical elements that make our lives worth living. Elements like family, being social with friends and getting out of my routine from time to time.  This blog is part of my accountability to myself and it’s meant to encourage other people who feel the same to take action. A mixture of ideas and inspirations around regaining control over life and challenging the habits that have taken us down this road. I’ve put so much on hold out of fear of discomfort and I’ve allowed many things to hold me back. Life Resumed is essentially me unplugging from my false life, my prescribed life, and taking responsibility for improving it. Realizing that I am the only one that can make my life better. Unplug or walk away from those parts of your life that you know are damaging. You can do it just as I have. Let’s take this journey together.



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