Fuck a $1,000,000…

*WARNING: FINANCIAL BRUTALITY (AND LOTS OF SWEARING) AHEAD* Yep. I said it. As vulgar as vulgar can be. Fuck a million dollars. Fuck a half million dollars. $440,000 annually puts you in the 1%. People put a lot of emphasis on money. They see money as the end game. Is money really your only barometer … More Fuck a $1,000,000…


Do More.

One of my favorite people has these two words tattooed on his arm (Hi, Casey). Another person who I watch regularly and read their books repeated these words over and over again to himself while coming up (You’re the man, Gary). “Do more.” It’s a simple statement but it requires discipline to execute on every … More Do More.

Correcting Course

There have been many moments in my life when I stopped and said to myself, sometimes aloud, sometimes in church, sometimes around small children, sometimes flying through traffic because I’m late to a company meeting, “what the fuck am I doing?” Similar questions could include but are not limited to: “what have I got myself … More Correcting Course

Well. I’m back.

After having taken 2017 as a unintended hiatus (read: uninspired, depressed, lazy, transitional, whatever you want to the excuse) from anything and everything to do with my blog, youtube channel or entrepreneurial endeavors, I realized that some of my life choices are great but not all of them and I want to change that. This … More Well. I’m back.