In The Wake of Tragedy…

It seems that everyone is chiming in with their two cents about the Paris attacks on this past Friday (11/13/2015) and the various other tragedies that have occurred recently, so I thought I might do the same. Honestly, I believe that the worst part about this aside from the fatalities themselves is how people are reacting. There has, of course, been a surge of awesome people providing support, shelter and whatever else they can do for the victims. Various groups of people  are upset at the fact that their tragedy isn’t getting as much press and people aren’t changing their Facebook photos to their national flags. Sadly, not everything is going to be covered. Not everyone is going to get exposure or aid. Should they? Of course, but it doesn’t work that way yet. Tragedies occur everyday and each of them cannot always receive outside aid or assistance. We know about a lot of the struggles but not all of them. To support everyone that is affected by tragedy everyday is what many charitable organizations try and do but they can’t do it alone. This has to be a global effort.


First of all, changing your photo and hash-tagging does little to physically help the people in trouble or pain. Although, I will say that the one hashtag (#porteouverte) people were using to provide shelter for those affected by the tragedy was a fantastic method of quickly spreading an important message. I’m not bashing people that changed up their profile pictures and hashtagged like crazy because I did and I am willing to be called back to service to provide support against this wickedness. It might make someone feel a little better to see support on social media but it seems similar to saying “sorry” at a funeral. For some people, however, it’s probably more important to their ego that they can feel better for “helping.” It’s much like giving prayers, in that, it does absolutely nothing. Donations of time and funding to the Red Cross and the charities or support groups that are going to be involved with helping people recover is the best way to help.


Right. Now, that all of that is said, I do want to talk more about the tragedies of the world as a whole. I will leave it to the news sites to provide actual numbers and statistics. This is only my opinion.


We can see what occurs almost anywhere in the world at an instant these days. This doesn’t mean that what we are seeing is all that is happening at that instant. It also doesn’t mean that we are ignoring everything else that is occurring or that any of it is less important or significant. Injustice and suffering are happening everyday. This is a global problem that we know in the back of our minds. Technology has provided various mediums that allow many of us to communicate our emotions, struggles or environments instantly but not everyone has an online voice or an outlet. Simultaneously, technology has also provided a means where we can offer some assistance remotely through awareness or funding. However, nothing compares to being at ground zero. Whether you’re in NYC at the collapse of the twin towers, offering up your home to people hurt during a terrorist attack or escaping a war. Remember, that a pair of hands with a shovel does more than 1,000 folded in prayer. I’m not saying don’t pray. Do your thing if praying is what you feel compelled to you. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t stop at praying. Love. Love with everything you have. Do not suffer and do not let other people suffer.


People are saying that the world is getting more violent and evil. I don’t think this is true. Are we more aware of the happenings of the world? Yes. However, I consider these situations to be the death throes of wickedness. The final blaze before being snuffed out. Continue being and doing good. Do it for you. Do it for the world that your children will grow and become a part of. Do it for us. Don’t let technology or media show you how different we are across the globe, but let it show how we are the same. I love you all, fellow humans.


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